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What We Do

As part of our clean air strategy, we do the following:

  • Adopt rules that limit pollution, issue permits to ensure compliance, and inspect pollution sources. 
  • Administer agricultural burning and dust plans to preserve the air quality in Antelope Valley, protect public health and safety, and to ensure agricultural activity continues in a safe regulated fashion. 
  • Inventory and assess the health risks of toxic air emissions. 
  • Monitor the county's air quality through the use of an air quality monitoring station. 
  • Administer the Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction Program funding projects which reduce air pollution from motor vehicles, and for related planning, monitoring, and enforcement. 
  • Prepare Clean Air Plans to identify how much pollution is in our air, where it comes from, and how to control it most effectively. 
  • Analyze the air quality impact of new businesses and land development projects. 
  • Respond to public complaints and inquiries. 
  • Work with other government agencies to ensure their decisions & coordinate with good air quality programs. 
  • Help individuals and businesses understand and comply with federal, state, and local air pollution control laws. 
  • Inform the public about air quality conditions and health implications. 
  • Issue permits to build, alter, and operate equipment to companies under our jurisdiction that either cause, contribute to, or control air pollution.