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Public Notices & Advisories


The AVAQMD is required to distribute and/or post notices to inform and allow the public to comment on about certain projects, facilities and/or permits proposed to be issued by the district.

The following notice types will be listed on this page:

  • NSR = Issuance of a permit for New Major Facility or Modification of a Major Facility pursuant to District Regulation XIII.
  • PSD = Issuance of a permit under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program.
  • MACT = A case by case MACT analysis pursuant to District Rule 1401.
  • ERC = Issuance of Emission Reduction Credits.
  • ATHS = Air Toxics “Hot Spots” Information and Assessment Act Notices pursuant to District Rule 1402 and Health & Safety Code 44362 et seq.
  • CEQA = California Environmental Quality Act notices for projects triggering environmental review for which the AVAQMD is the lead agency.
  • RULE = Rule Adoption/Amendments.
  • Title V= Issuance, Renewal, or Modification of a Title V Permit pursuant to Regulation XIII- Federal Operating Permits. 

 Public Notices - Permitting

Title V Initial Permit - Lancaster Landfill & Recycling Center - Lancaster, CA