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Tert-Butyl Acetate Policy

Within the Antelope Valley AQMD tert-butyl acetate (tBA) is not considered a VOC when determining VOC content of a product and compliance with emission limitations, but tBA is a VOC for all other purposes.  Therefore, within the Antelope Valley AQMD:

  1. When determining VOC content of products - tBA is not a VOC;
  2. When determining compliance with emission limitations - tBA is not a VOC;
  3. For recordkeeping - tBA is a VOC;
  4. For emission inventory purposes - tBA is a VOC;
  5. For dispersion modeling  - tBA is a VOC;
  6. Under the definition of Federal Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) - tBA is not a HAP;
  7. Under the definition of California Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) - tBA is a not a TAC, and for all purposes under the California Air Toxic “Hot Spots” Program” under AB2588 - tBA is subject to AB2588 as an Appendix A-I substance that must be quantified.  The degree of accuracy is 200 pounds per year and the reporting level is 100 pounds per year.