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Rule & Plan Development

Air District Rule Development is generally governed by Chapter 6.5 of Part 3 of Division 26 of the California Health & Safety Code (Section 40725-40731).  All Regulations and Rules adopted by the Air District are required to undergo a public notice of no less than 30 days (Health & Safety Code 40725), a public hearing (Health & Safety Code 40726) and require certain findings to be made prior to adoption (Health & Safety Code 40727).  Special analysis is required in certain situations (Health & Safety Code 40727.2-40728.5).   Other state and federal laws may require specific additional findings and/or actions to be taken (For example: 40 CFR 51 Appendix V contains completeness criteria for State Implementation Plan submissions). Plan development requirements vary dependent upon the type of plan and the underlying Federal or State planning requirement (For example 42 U.S.C. 7511a(c)(2) contains provisions regarding Reasonable Further Progress Plans). 

Rule Development Timeline has been developed to show the general flow of activities in a normal rule or plan development process.

The AVAQMD Rule Development Calendar has been developed to comply with the provisions of Health & Safety Code 40923(a) and to provide a list of potential rule and plan activity.

AV Rule Development List-2024

Rule Development 

  • None at this time