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Governing Board Policies

Governing Board Procedural Rules                                                                                  Amended 04/21/2020

Conflict of Interest Code

(As approved by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors)
Effective 06/07/18

Policy 02-01

Authority of the Air Pollution Contorl Officer.pdf

Amended 03/16/04

Policy 02-02

District Counsel Authority.pdf

Amended 01/18/11

Policy 02-03

Stipends for Governing Board Members and Hearing Board Members.pdf

Amended 02/17/09

Policy 02-04

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy.pdf

Amended 01/17/06

Policy 02-05

Policy Prohibiting Harassment.pdf

Adopted 01/15/02

Policy 02-06

Environmental Scholarship Program.pdf

Amended 03/16/04

Policy 04-01

Capital Asset Accounting Policy.pdf

Amended 01/21/14

Policy 04-02

District Counsel - Electronic Communication, Electronic Documents, Attorney Client Privilege and Work Product Privilege.pdf

Adopted 08/17/04

Policy 07-01

Financial Reserves.pdf

Amended 05/15/12

Policy 09-01

Obtaining Indemnification Agreements for Certain Actions and Activities.pdf

Adopted 01/20/09

Policy 11-01

Ticket and or Passes Receipt and Distribution.pdf

Adopted 01/18/11

FPPC Form 802 (Blank Form)

FPPC Form 802.pdf

FPPC Form 802 as Filed with Clerk of the Board (none at present)

Policy 11-02

Designation of Local Agency Officials for Purposes of Ethics Training and Designation of Clark of the Board as Filing Official.pdf

Amended 02/17/15

Policy 11-03

Policy and Procedural Manual.pdf

Adopted 01/18/11

Policy 11-04

Processing and Providing Information Requested by Members of the Governing Board.pdf

Adopted 01/18/11

Policy 11-05

Appropriations for Support of District Pending Approval of Final Budget.pdf

Adopted 01/18/11

Policy 11-06

Evaulation Procedures - Annual Evaulation of Executive Management Staff.pdf

Adopted 01/18/11

Policy 13-01

Requests for Inspection and or Copying Public Records.pdf

Adopted 03/19/13