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Real-Time Data

Lancaster Air Monitoring Station Real-Time Concentration Data

The air quality and meteorological data below is the most recent data from the AVAQMD’s Lancaster Air Monitoring station.  Data is updated every hour.  All data values represent the average value for the hour presented.  The data display charts default to the current day, but previous day’s data can be displayed by selecting the date dropdown and then clicking on the “Load” button. Note that there may be slight differences in AQI value between this page and AirNow displayed AQI due to AirNow using “nowcast” algorithm and this display calculating AQI based on current data.  All data presented is preliminary and subject to revision as part of the EPA mandated quality control procedures.

Understanding the time of data:

Air Monitoring data is always presented in standard time, never daylight savings time.  Data on this page is time stamped with hour beginning, so hour 10 represents the average data value from 10:00 through 10:59 Pacific Standard Time.  If it is currently daylight-saving time, add an hour, so hour 10 during daylight saving time represents data from 11:00 through 11:59 Pacific Daylight Time.

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