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Application Information

Certificate of Occupancy/Building Permit
To obtain District clearance you have to download, print, complete and submit our form. Note that this is a two-sided document (this is the back side), and it must be completely filled out (including a signature and date) for us to act on it. Once you have completed the form you can bring it to the office (to the permit counter), fax it to us, or mail it to us. We will review the form upon receipt - we may require that you submit the appropriate air permit application or application(s) (with corresponding fee(s)) before we provide clearance. When (if) we clear the identified action we will sign and stamp the form. We can provide you with the signed and stamped form and/or fax it to your permitting agency. Note that we will retain a copy of the signed form for our records. Please contact Jason Mentry with questions on this form and process.

Asbestos and Demolition/Renovation
You may not have to complete the Notification of Demolition/Renovation form. First download, print, and complete (including signature and date) this checklist form. If the checklist form indicates you do not need to complete the Demo/Reno form then simply provide the signed checklist form to the permitting agency; you have no further asbestos-related requirements. On the other hand if the checklist form indicates you do need to complete the Demo/Reno form then download, print and complete (including signature and date) the Demo/Reno form. The District has prepared this instruction sheet for the Demo/Reno form, and here is a general asbestos information sheet. Please note that Rule 301 specifies application fees for this Demo/Reno form. Once the form is complete and signed/dated, submit it and the appropriate fee(s) to the District in person at the permit counter or mail it to us. Remember you must submit this form to us ten working days prior to starting any asbestos-related project by Federal law. Please contact Jason Mentry with questions on these forms and processes.

Air Permit Applications
You are not required to apply for an air permit for all equipment and processes. Rule 219 specifies what equipment is exempt from permitting (although 50 horsepower, two million Btus per hour and 250 gallons of fuel storage are good yardsticks as minimums for equipment that do require a permit). If you can't find your equipment or process in Rule 219 call or visit us and we will tell you whether you need to apply for a permit. Please note that Rule 219 requires records to be kept for many exempt operations, for example coating use, so make and retain good records if you are minimizing your operation to not require a permit. Download, print and complete (including signature and date) the appropriate application form for the equipment you are proposing that requires a permit - each form is double-sided, fill out all applicable portions of each side (general instructions are provided). Please note that you must obtain a permit from us (initially called an Authority to Construct) prior to commencing construction of anything requiring a permit. Gasoline dispensing facilities (retail and non-retail) have a special application. Internal combustion engines (reciprocating, any fuel) have a special application. Dry cleaning equipment have a special application. Everything else uses the general application, one application per process (but one application for every air pollution control device, like spray booths and baghouses). Assemble the necessary completed applications (with original signatures), all applicable fees as required by Rule 301 and any additional information the instructions call for or you think we might need, and bring it to the permitting counter in person or mail it to us. By rule, we have thirty days to let you know if the application package is complete (but we typically will contact you before that). Once we are done processing your application(s) you will receive your new permits along with an invoice for the first year's annual permit fees as calculated by Rule 301 (or a pro-rated portion thereof). Your permits will have an expiration date of roughly one year (technically one year from the date of receipt if you are a new facility for us). You can commence construction as soon as you have your permits in hand! Please contact Bret Banks with questions on these forms and processes.

Small Business "No-Fault" Facility Audit
District staff are available to visit your facility and identify any unpermitted equipment or other potential air quality violations for your information. Please note that this service is only provided to small businesses. This facility audit will not result in any Notices to Comply or Notices of Violation, but may trigger a follow-up site inspection if significant issues are discovered (in this case you would be given time to take corrective action beforehand). If you are interested in requesting a no-fault facility audit please contact Bret Banks.
**this service available to small businesses only