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Regulation XIV - Toxics and Other Non-Criteria Pollutants

Rule #

Rule Title


Rule 1401

New Source Review For Toxic Air Contaminants


Rule 1402

Control Of Toxic Air Contaminants From Existing Sources


Rule 1403

Asbestos Emissions From Demolition/Renovation Activities


Rule 1404

Hexavalent Chromium Emissions From Cooling Towers

Rescinded 09/17/02

Rule 1405

Control Of Ethylene Oxide And Chlorofluorocarbon Emissions From Sterilization Or Fumigation Processes

Rescinded 11/20/01

Rule 1406

Control Of Dioxin Emissions From Medical Waste Incinerators

Rescinded 06/20/06

Rule 1407

Control Of Emissions Of Arsenic, Cadmium, And Nickel From Non-Ferrous Metal Melting Operations


Rule 1410

Hydrogen Fluoride Storage And Use  (See Ultramar V. Scaqmd, L.A. Sup. Ct. Bc027555)

Suspended 06/08/92 Rescinded 11/21/06

Rule 1411

Recovery Or Recycling Of Refrigerants From Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners

Rescinded 03/20/07

Rule 1414

Asbestos-Containing Serpentine Material In Surfacing Applications


Rule 1415

Reduction Of Refrigerant Emissions From Stationary Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Systems

Rescinded 03/20/07

Rule 1418

Halon Emissions From Fire Extinguishing Equipment


Rule 1420

Emissions Standard For Lead


Rule 1421

Control Of Perchloroethylene Emissions From Dry Cleaning Systems