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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program

Effective as of 06/01/2014 until funds are exhausted.

May contain: machine, spoke, wheel, alloy wheel, tire, car wheel, bicycle, vehicle, bike, and transportation

Up to $1,000 Alternative Fuel Vehicle incentive to Antelope Valley residents for the purchase of All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrids.

Emissions from vehicles are the largest contributor to locally generated air pollution in the Antelope Valley.  

$1,000 incentive for vehicles purchased or leased from Antelope Valley dealerships.  $500 incentive for vehicles purchased or leased outside of the Antelope Valley including online dealerships. 

 $1,500 Increased Incentive for Income Eligible Residents (Restrictions apply).

The AVAQMD AFV Incentives are a locally sponsored program.  The AVAQMD incentive is in addition to other Clean Vehicle Incentives and Programs as listed below.  Incentives are limited to one (1) per person, one (1) per vehicle, purchased or leased in their name.  No one person is eligible to participate in the incentive program more than twice.  Purchase or lease agreements must list the AV resident's name and address.  Incentives must be claimed within 12 months of purchase and are generally paid within 60 days of application submittal along with a copy of the purchase or lease agreement, copy of large window sticker (that includes price and vehicle details, and proof of residency if owner's AV address is not listed on the purchase or lease agreement (see application for further details).

Check Eligibility by Zip Code

AFV Incentive Application_Fillable

Preferred application submission, by Email or US Mail to:  Julie McKeehan, Grants Analyst at 661-723-8070 x28 or

Other Clean Vehicle Incentives and Programs

Center for Sustainable Energy - Clean Vehicle Rebate Project

Southern California Edison Customers - Go Electric, Get A Rebate

US Department of Energy - Federal Tax Credits for All-Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (helping lower-income California residents into clean vehicles)