Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program

The Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District's (AVAQMD) Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incentive Program has realized tremendous growth in the past few years.  Emissions from vehicles are the largest contributor to locally generated air pollution in the Antelope Valley.  The AVAQMD's Governing Board has made it a priority to provide local residents various opportunities to convert from their existing, higher emitting vehicles to newer, cleaner vehicles.

As a result of the impressive success of this program the Governing Board of the AVAQMD has decided to continue the program.  As of June 1, 2014 a $1,000 AFV incentive is offered to local residents within the AVAQMD jurisdiction which includes the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.  AFV incentives are two per person or entity, per electric/electric hybrid offer on new vehicle purchases or lease agreements made with local Antelope Valley Dealerships.

The District no longer offers incentives for Electric Home Charging Units.

If you have questions regarding this incentive program, please contact Julie McKeehan, Air Quality Specialist/Grants Program Coordinator at 661-723-8070 or (redacted)

AFV Incentive Application.pdfEligible District Zip Codes.pdf