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Up to $2,500 for Income Eligible Residents

Income Eligible AV Residents can receive up to $2,500 incentive on a new or pre-owned All-Electric or Plug-In Hybrid vehicle.  *Effective as of 08/20/2019 until funds are exhausted.

Note: With the exception of pre-owned All Electric or Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, the same rules and restrictions apply to the District's initial AFV Program.

To claim the Income Eligible Incentive, submit,the AFV Incentive Application along with proof of your current enrollment in any one of the following programs:

- California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program; or

- Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) Program; or

- any public assistance programs.

*The District reserves the right to verify enrollment in public assistance programs and deny applications for false submissions.

Check Eligibility by Zip Code

AFV Incentive Application

If you have questions regarding District grant programs, please contact Julie McKeehan, Grants Analyst at 661-723-8070 x28 or (redacted)

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