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I.C.E Resources

This webpage provides information and resources to owners and operators of internal combustion engines.


AVAQMD Portable Engine Advisory issued 8/20/12

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AVAQMD Stationary Engine Advisory issued 2/22/13

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AVAQMD Emergency Engine Advisory issued 9/03/13

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District Rules

AV District Rule for IC Engines is Rule 1110.2 - Emissions From Stationary, Non-road & Portable Internal Combustion Engines

AVAQMD Rule 114 Registration Program for Compression Ignition Engines Used in Small Agricultural Operations

State Regulations

Stationary Diesel ATCM

Portable Diesel ATCM

Federal Regulations

  • NESHAP ZZZZ. Applies to all existing engines (including new engines rated over 500 bhp that are located at major HAP sources).
  • NSPS IIII. Applies to new CI engines (diesel).
  • NSPS JJJJ. Applies to SI engines. Includes engines fueled by natural gas, LPG, gasoline, LFG, digester gas.

Other Resources

Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

USEPA Regulation Navigation Tool

  • EPA RICE Overview Page
  • EPA - NSPS IIII for CI RICE page
  • EPA - NSPS JJJJ for SI RICE page
  • Summary of RICE NESHAP FINAL RULE 2010
  • EPA's Air Quality Regulations for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) (pdf)
  • How to Comply with EPA Regulations for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) (pdf)

*For additional assistance contact Stationary Source Section at 661-723-8070.*